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As Our Member:

  • Enjoy an exclusive discount off of purchases in The Tasting Room at Silt Wine Company and online.
  • Private Events and Member Selection Pick Up Parties.
  • Member Only Wines.
  • Club Lounge.             
  • Club Member Ordering Service.                   
  • Complimentary delivery for Clarksburg and Sacramento Residents.

The Club:   

Four (4) Club Selection Pick Ups from sign up date.  Club Selection Pick Up is customized by YOU so you receive exactly what wines you want and are charged based on that varietal selection. Club Selection Pick Ups occur February, May, August, and November. 

4, 6, 12... What is number your favorite?  We offer three membership opportunities:

#4 (4 Bottle Membership) 4 Bottles, 4 Club selection pick ups a year.  Enjoy 20% off every wine purchase, as well as discounts on event tickets. 

#6 (6 Bottle Membership) 6 Bottles, 4 Club selection pick ups a year. Enjoy 25% off every wine purchase as well as discounts on events.  Enjoy private event invites.

#12 (Case Membership) 12 Bottles, 4 Club selection pick ups a year. Enjoy 30% off every wine purchase, as well as discounts on events. Private Owner event invitations.  First access to New Silt Wine Company Varietals.



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Join Now


Join Now

Before clicking the "Join Now" button, please read the Terms & Conditions carefully:

By clicking “Subscribe to Club” at the end of the Membership Application you acknowledge and agree that you have read these Terms and Conditions, understand them, and agree to be legally bound by them.  If you have any questions with respect to these Terms and Conditions, please contact Shannon Ogilvie at 916-298-9409 or shan@siltwineco.com.

Membership requires completion of four (4) Club Selection Pick Ups from sign up date, at which time membership can be renewed or cancelled. Selections can be picked up in The Tasting Room, delivered at no cost to Clarksburg or Sacramento residents, or conveniently shipped to your door at the standard Fed Ex Home rate.  Selections will be shipped if not picked up or delivered 30 days after Club Selection Pick Up Party dates. If Club Membership is cancelled before the completion of 4 Club Selections, members are responsible for the remaining selection balance.

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